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Day 1: Friday

11 MAY 2018


Golf Check-in & Continental Breakfast

The Cart Barn


West Coast Produce Golf Tournament followed by lunch & gold awards reception **Additional Registration Required**

Desert Springs Golf Club at the JW Marriott

Desert springs golf

Farm Field Tours. **Additional Registration Required**

  • PrimeTime International
  • North Shore Sales and Marketing
  • Double Date Packing
  • Richard Bagadasarian

Exhibitor Move In
     Desert Ballroom Move In 1:00 - 6:00pm
     Springs Ballroom Move In   4:00 - 6:00pm


Registration Open: Please be sure to stop by before the opening reception as name badges are required for all events.



Opening Reception:  
 **Badges Required**

The Grove




Day 2: Saturday
12 MAY 2018

Exhibitor Move In

Desert and Springs Ballrooms



The Pavilion


Retail Panel - Fresh Trends Quiz Show

In this edition of the Fresh Trends Quiz Show, we're putting a pannel of retailers to the test, quizzing them on consumer trends revealed by the 2018 edition of The Packer's Fresh Trends. 

Learn how the trends are reflected in their operations, and walk away with insights for your own. 

We're using live polling, and comparing audience response to our panel for a lively and interactive discussion led by Produce Retailer editor Pamela Riemenschneider.


General Sessions






The Power of Understanding People! Understanding your own and others' communication styles  - Dave Mitchell 

Dave Mitchell


One of Dave’s most requested programs;The Power of Understanding People provides the tools to understand each participant’s own unique communication style. This info-filled, energizing training event provides an ideal combination of strong content, laugh-out-loud humor and audience interaction. This program is an entertaining, enlightening and comedic event and it’s the perfect way to put a group at ease and encourage meaningful discussion of communication strengths and vulnerabilities. The format allows participants to get to know one another (and themselves) through individual and group interactions. Training and entertainment are delivered simultaneously which is truly the epitome of our unique form of enter-train-ment. 


This program was named the Meeting Madness Winner 2013 for best event of the year by Meeting Professionals International at the World Education Congress in Las Vegas.  In December 2013, the book of the same name was released and was immediately named Best Business Book of the Month by Amazon.



Doing the Little Things and Executing Vision - Herm Edwards

Herm Edwards

Herm Edwards is a charismatic inspirational speaker who shares with his audience a special game plan which centers on the pillars of teamwork -- work ethic, communication, integrity and legacy.

A former NFL player, scout, assistant coach and head coach, Edwards shares stories and motivational moments from his career that resonate with any group. The lessons he has learned along the way and the impactful messages he has shared with his teams will keep any audience on the edge of their seat. Herm Edwards has a zest for life that is hard to match and is clearly evident in his dynamic presentation. 


Exhibit Hall Open: Exhibits opening lunch reception. **Badges Required**

Expo hall

Happy Hour: Take one more pass around the exhibit hall while networking at the closing reception. **Badges Required**


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